Paradigm Shift: Eric Thomas, Brandon Cooper, and David Gokhshtein Part I

World-renowned motivational speaker Eric Thomas, CEO of Aphid Brandon Cooper, and CEO of Pac Global David Gokhshtein discuss entrepreneurship … Read More

Aphid Launches the aBion Token on the Solana Blockchain this Summer

excited to announce that it will be launching the aBion token on the Solana blockchain, a fast, secure, and censorship-resistant blockchain, this summer. … Read More

AI and Blockchain Startup Aphid Announces Partnership Details with Payment Network Provider, PAC Protocol

Read this article and discover how PAC Global will be providing a decentralized payment network channel to the Port marketplace. … Read More

Blockchain in The Burgh Featuring Aphid

Watch this interview by Blockchain in the Berg where they interview Aphid CEO, Brandon Cooper and discuss “What is Aphid?” … Read More

The Future of Business With Blockchain Center

Brandon Cooper in a special edition of Blockchain Center: ” The Future of Business and Entrepreneurship” where he discusses the impact that technology and blockchain can have on future infrastucture. … Read More

Girl Gone Crypto: Disrupting the 9-5 with AI and Blockchain

Watch Girl Gone Crypto interview Aphid CEO, Brandon Cooper. In this session, you’ll discover how Aphid is disrupting the 9-5 workforce with artificial intelligence and blockchain, create an app where people can “clone” themselves into bots, and creating an open-source developer marketplace. … Read More

Rob McNealy Show ft. Brandon Cooper

Watch Rob McNealy interview CEO Brandon Cooper about his financial technology company, Aphid, that specializes in artificial intelligence. … Read More

Brandon Cooper Reveals Aphid’s Personal AI Clones on Blockchain Vs

Watch this interview by Jeremy Born from CoinGenius. In this video, she has the CEO of Aphid, Brandon Cooper, explain how Aphid’s application allows the everyday person to clone themselves into an AI-powered bot that can work for them and the impact of Aphid in Los Angeles. … Read More

What is Aphid.io? A conversation with CEO Brandon Cooper

Watch Jason Nelson from Dragon Wolf Tech interview CEO Brandon Cooper in his latest episode, What is Aphid.io? In this episode, they will talk about Aphid’s AI/Machine Learning app designed to help with the 40-hour workweek.  … Read More

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