Brandon Cooper, the CEO of Aphid, talks with Rob McNealy about Aphid, their financial technology startup which specializes in artificial intelligence bots.

About Brandon Cooper
Brandon Cooper is the CEO and Co-Founder of Aphid. Cooper has been featured on Fox, NBC, MTV, and more. Serial entrepreneur with a specialty in financial markets, AI, Machine Learning, and marketing.

About Rob McNealy:

Rob McNealy, a crypto entrepreneur and personal liberty activist, interviews thought leading guests on topics ranging from Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain and startups, to politics, gun rights and personal liberty. Check out our website at https://www.RobMcNealy.com/.

For more guest and episode information, check out the links to my blog below:
Audio Interview: https://robmcnealy.com/podcast/brandon-cooper-aphid/
Interview Transcript: https://robmcnealy.com/brandon-cooper-aphid-transcript/

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