Our Roadmap

Aphid is creating the future world for humanity by scaling innovative products and services. Here is our current roadmap which is subject to change.
  • Q4 2021

    • Onboarding pilot websites in the Aphid network for eCommerce bots

  • Q1 2022 (Projected release date)

    • Web portal for businesses to create and manage their bots. Control Panel provides businesses with analytics of bot activity

    • Control Panel: A platform allowing businesses to set up and control their bot, as well as view their analytics

  • Q2 2022 (Projected release date)

    • Advanced Analytics added to the Control Panel

    • Aphid mobile app alpha launch

  • Q3 2022 (Projected release date)

    • Control Panel Tier I

    • Annexing implementation for our B2B customers

    • Annexing: Allows gig workers bots to work on websites in the network to earn them a commission

  • Q4 2022 (Projected release date)

    • Aphid mobile app launch (iOS & Android)

    • Aphid PRO accounts activated where PRO account members can power bots with aBion tokens

  • Q2 2023 (Projected release date)

    • Release Feature: Controller chat take over

    • Controllers: Users who control their bots in the Aphid mobile app are able to add data and subject matter expertise to increase customer satisfaction and sales

  • Q3 2023 (Projected release date)

    • Added Feature: Advanced upsell for B2B

  • Q4 2023 (Projected release date)

    •  Added Feature: Free text (ML/NLP based) added to the Control Panel

  • Q1 2024 (Projected release date)

    • Launch of Aptera MVP version

Partners and Affiliates

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