Aphid Press

Stay up to date on the latest product releases and news from Aphid in the blockchain, AI, and fintech space.

CFO Principles Interviews: Brandon Cooper

Watch CFO Principles interview Brandon Cooper, Co-Founder & CEO of Aphid. In this interview, you discover how Aphid helps businesses reduce manual labor, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce operational costs with digital sales agents. … Read More

Should I Pivot? An interview with CEO Brandon Cooper by Decision Vision

The question of “should I pivot?” is not just a question for a pandemic, but one threat businesses are often confronted by as markets grow, target customers change, and competition arises. In this edition of “Decision Vision,” Aphid Founder & CEO Brandon Cooper tells host Mike Blake the engaging story of his company’s pivots and what he’s learned along the way. “Decision Vision” is presented by Brady Ware & Company. … Read More

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