Fintech Startup, Aphid, Lands Quantum Analytica Partnership

Aphid AI Partners with Quantum Analytica

Aphid announced, today, the start of a strategic partnership with Quantum Analytica. The data science firm will provide third-party integrations to enhance machine learning and deep learning datasets in Aphid’s eCommerce chatbot solution.

As Aphid prepares for its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business launch, the company has leveraged Quantum Analytica’s data science acumen to strengthen the machine learning and deep learning capacity necessary to enhance its chatbots’ competitive advantages. Quantum’s data will feed into Aphid’s eCommerce dialogue trees and generate vertical-related responses in chat windows as consumers engage with Aphid’s business clients on their websites. When deployed with Aphid’s Upsell or Micro Survey feature, their data will provide eCommerce businesses with a competitive edge through Quantum’s best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI) data sets.

Aphid offers chatbots that integrate with eCommerce websites to enhance the online shopping experience for consumers. Quantum Analytica’s services empower the bots to offer real-time, personalized responses based on what consumers are searching for when they visit an eCommerce website.

“Quantum Analytica handles a large magnitude of data, and extracts from it, valuable insights, which are critical to AI progression. This partnership puts our Machine and Deep Learning years ahead of schedule for our eCommerce solutions.”

Brandon Cooper, Aphid CEO

“Aphid’s innovative approach to putting the power of AI and data-driven decisions directly into businesses owners’ hands has the opportunity to disrupt not only the economy of Main Street but also larger markets,” states Russ Wilcox, CEO/Founder of Quantum Analytica. “We are excited to partner with Aphid and collaborate in helping democratize data science and AI.”

Upon mobile application launch, users can sign up for an Aphid account to become aClone (bot) operators, known as Controllers. Controllers can access Aphid’s eCommerce network via the “Annex” plugin in the app and begin to earn passive income while their aClones work as virtual sales agents on eCommerce websites in Aphid’s client network. Aphid aClones’ customer support functionality will span a variety of industries including eCommerce, food and delivery, and more.

The partnership facilitates a more intuitive user experience for consumers. Leveraging Quantum Analytica’s service offerings, any aClone can analyze website reviews, products sold daily, and other useful data. This empowers Aphid to provide consumers insight into their shopping journey while adding a dynamic human-like, conversational presence.

About Quantum Analytica

Quantum Analytica applies the latest developments in software engineering, AI, big data, and data science to optimize business practices and drive business outcomes.

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