Brandon Cooper Reveals Aphid’s Personal AI Clones on Blockchain Vs

Watch this interview by Jeremy Born from CoinGenius on the Blockchain Vs Podcast. In this interview, she has the CEO of Aphid, Brandon Cooper, explain how Aphid’s application of Intelligent AI allows the everyday person to earn from the work of their bots and the impact of Aphid in Los Angeles.

Aphid is an ecosystem and financial technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. 

B2C Aphid For You:

  • Clone yourself into a digital bot 
  • Your Aphid Clone works so you don’t have to 
  • Get paid when it sells products and services in the ecosystem

B2B Aphid For Enterprise:

  • Virtual Assistant Chatbot Systems for Enterprise
  • eCommerce Partnerships

About Brandon Cooper: Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Brandon is a technology entrepreneur, inventor, and Chief Executive Officer of Aphid. Cooper specializes in Machine Learning, Blockchain technology, and Marketing. He went to school at Michigan State University, Marketing, Merchandising Management. Brandon has been featured on Steve Harvey, NBC, MTV, FOX, 11Alive Atlanta, and more.

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