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By utilizing Artificial Intelligence, consumers and businesses leverage their time from the efforts of bots. Select automated plugins for your digital agents and earn income when they complete tasks for you.

The Problem

Today's Workforce

In traditional working environments, people trade time for money by completing job tasks manually. Relying on a job as your only source of income puts you at layoff risk.

Time Scarcity

There is not enough time in a day to complete all the things you need to accomplish. By delegating labor to bots you'll be able to spend more time with friends and family.

Delayed Payouts

On average, it takes two weeks to receive a paycheck from an employer unless you're working a gig.

Our Ecosystem

The Workforce
Leveraging System

The digitization of a human persona into multiple clones is the step towards transition from analog to digital. The Workforce Leveraging System (WLS) takes the workforce economy from horse and buggy to the electric car overnight. Aphid introduces a new way of saving time without sacrificing money by having bots work for you doing multiple tasks at the same time.

Patent Pending

How It Works

A person or business who manages their clones is known as a Controller. As a Controller, you can install plugins from our “Port” marketplace for additional income streams and skillsets for your clones. Choose plugins from a variation of industries such as trading, e-commerce, and more.


Port is the bot marketplace that allows Controllers to install dApps/plugins based on open source development environment. Developers create dApps/plugins of their choosing for Controllers and businesses to use.


The aBion is the digital asset used to power your clones, fueling all transactions and decisions in the network. Receive same-day payouts with an interoperable commission protocol.

aBion Aphid token

Are you a Business?

Automate repetitive tasks, reduce operational costs, and say goodbye to manual labor with your digital sales agent. Join the pilot program.

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